The Book

What do I think about sculpture?

How do I think about sculpting?

55 photographs of sculptures I have photographed, with my commentaries on the work and the process.

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Comments from readers

“This book shows not only Mr. Kogan’s genius as a sculptor, but also his brilliance as a writer and photographer as well. It will not take long to read but a life time to fully understand. It will stretch one’s mind each time it is read or even thought about.”

–William F. Reese

“Simon, I just returned from several trips to find your exquisite book waiting for me! What a treat!! Well done!!! The layout and design are just RIGHT. There is a rhythm that flows from page to page through the whole book. I love the sculpture, I love the spacing on the pages, the white surrounding each. I like that it is different!! I love your comments and observations….I especially love ‘looking is slow and long. Closed eyes, letting the image appear-is seeing.’ PERFECT! That is exactly what seeing is to me. Thank you, Thank you.

Congratulations on a superb publication… I treasure having it, Thank you.”

–Tim Lawson

“So it arrived today and it is MAGNIFICENT!!! Congratulations!”

–Ori Z Soltes

“I just finished reading your amazing book again. And like true art, it takes me to new places and ignites my imagination. Thank you for being tenacious in the creation of this work–it is well worth waiting for! You have made it somethin2 so much more than merely a photographic documentary of your sculptures. You capture the essence. This book is quintessential “Simon.” Your words contain the gems from conversations and workshops that I wish were recorded somewhere other than my memory. I’m so glad you used your own words—no one else says it like you. This is a treasure I will enjoy frequently and forever.”

–Karen Schmidt

“Hi Simon, I received your book in the mail and it is beautiful. I read it several times and then I thought about it for a long time and then I read it again and I keep going back to it. I came to the realization that you are the only one I know of who is moving forward in the field of sculpture. There is Stanley Bleifeld and George Carlson, they had a great fire and now they stopped. You are the only one. The sculptors who I adore who make me want to never touch clay again are Marino Marini, Madero Rosso, and sometimes Rodin. They sculpted a suggestion as you wrote. Now you carry their tradition forward, you carry a heavy load.

Thank you for your inspirations.”

–Mark Adams

“Dear Simon, Thank you for the wonderful limited edition volume of your sculpture! I understand that it was a colossal labor of love. I’m still studying it for, as you know so well, taking in a work of art takes time but I can already say there are many treasures contained in it. As well as wise views expressed in the text about the arts. I was immediately struck by the varied and imaginative approach to the photographing of the work: light-flooded, light-dissolving, mixtures of back-top-side-bottom-lit, shadows clipped, shadows lost and then collected (I like that!), raking light, soft and crisp silhouettes, floating pieces, low angles, crisp white backgrounds. I mainly just wanted to say thank you and congratulations!”

–Aaron Burgess

“I am only a few pages into your beautiful work, but I thought you deserved a few words, now.

Your sculpture speaks its own language, but your words are just as beautiful as your precious sculpture. Really, I am in tears… and smiles. This is such an emotional piece.

Thank you for sharing your soul with me.”

–Kim Knox

“I think the book works on all levels. I like the look of it, the feel of it and the size of it. I think the photography is excellent and gives your work a sense of space and depth that eliminates the static feel most such photography conveys. I found the writing to be nothing less than a primer on the philosophy of sculpture, which I found both intellectually profitable and immensely enjoyable. All in all, a most excellent work (not to mention the personal delivery service). Viva Simon!”

–Joe Illing

“Simon, Your book is beautiful! It is a work of art in itself. The photography is brilliant – it accomplishes much more than just a photograph of the work – they are very much alive! I love the way you [paced them on the page – with nothing to take away from them. The cover is wonderful – the paper just right. I love the drawings. Nice touch. Your thoughts are eloquently stated and very meaningful. I’m sure I will reread them many times. I feel very fortunate to be able to study sculpture with you. You are a rare teacher! Thank you.” –Deanna Kiliz “It is fantastic, incredible, wow. Not a word great enough to describe. The book is more than just a book, it is a beautiful piece of art. The photos of your sculptures show another life that they have taken on. Your words are poetic, unlike mine. I am honored to have this piece of art in my home. Thank you for the years you put into it… I will treasure it forever.”

–Sherry Turner

“The book gives me much to think about, it is absolutely you. I will lend it to a couple of sculptor friends. I love your work but I’m sure it appeals to people with only sophisticated taste. When I see your work I really want to express more viscerally myself but I am torn between that and wanting my work to be appealing to the general public.”

–Louise Peterson

“….I’m rereading your book. Your insights into sculpture and form reflect many years of thinking and doing. The sad truth is that every time one starts a new project one has no idea how to do it. Weird.”

–Kenneth Partlow

“The book is really wonderful and I don’t think I have ever seen one like it. The images are ghostly and haunting to look at. They bring you right into the frequency of the subject. It is almost palpable. At first I was surprised that they were all black and white as that is usually not how sculptors like to have their work photographed, but my God, you actually captured the energetic essence of each piece this way. I find myself just staring at each work, almost like I’m coming out of a blindness and seeing something real.

You make me want to cry. I wish I could see through your eyes with your mind so that I could know how to see what is real. I don’t think I knew until this moment what you meant by “Sculpting the Truth.” It takes guts and chutzpah to do that. It dawns on me that I’m not sure I can dig that deep within myself to find it.

One can’t help feeling that way when in a state of awe. I was looking at that photo of you sculpting what looked like a characature of the man standing in front of you. It wasn’t an exact likeness and yet it captured the essence of his energy. It’s like you don’t see just the surface, you’re sculpting the frequency. Like seeing the trace of a mass of visible atoms in movement, yet in a solidified form. I may never have this moment of clarity again. But it is like the physical left and the soul was what you sculpted. Really, you have reduced me to tears….and questions. Thank you for this glimpse into the intangible.”

–Aiko Morioka

“I took time to read and view your book. I like the lessons you share….. Breathe, walk away, become it, etc.. Each time I look at the photos I find something more. It is a good book. Confident.”

–Erin Lynch Dover