The Bottega

BOTTEGA: Italian, shop, artist’s workshop before the abolition of the guilds in the late 18th century. The institution of the bottega provided for the thorough education of the novice in his future craft. On this page I will share the way I do my work, without secrets, straight forward as clear and simple as I can. As the Bottega develops, I will answer your questions, draw, talk and show (short movies) how I would do it.

Secrets of the Trade

This illustrated pdf file discusses sculpting tools, structure-armature, principles of the structure, clays, waxes and other topics.

Download the 1.1MB file.

Questions and Answers

Comments from my own experience on submitted questions about sculpting. Illustrated with photos and sketches.

Download the 2.66MB file.

Drawings for all applications

Notes from the March 2009 class in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Download the 2.57MB file

More Questions and Answers

Notes uploaded January 2010.

Download the 66KB file

There is no charge for the downloadable lessons, but if you appreciate the lessons and information, you can help support the Bottega project with a donation in any amount you wish.

Thank you!